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Ebit’s full Marketing case studies:

Courier Solution – Admail & Catalogues

Our client’s incumbent supplier was a recognised industry expert in their particular field. The existing contract involved a substantial annual spend amount and was actually out of date

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Instore display equipment

Our client has a large retail store network, the nature of the product means they rely heavily on effective store product display equipment.

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Premium, formal wear retailer – point of sale material

Ebit undertook a structured review of the client’s in store music offering in the UK and in Ireland.

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Premium, formal wear retailer – print & paper

Ebit were challenged by the retailer to reduce its print and paper costs. The retailer’s mail order business was growing rapidly and increasing numbers of catalogues were being printed to support this.

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Achieving a significant print paper saving when an increase was expected

Our clients annual expenditure on print paper was significant (in the £ millions) they had purchased the same product from the same manufacturer via the same broker for a fairly lengthy period of time.

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Retail Packaging – Brand image is invaluable, but does it have to attract additional cost?

Our client is a well known “luxury brand” where quality is paramount. Ebit suggested an extensive benchmarking exercise utilising E Auction functionality.

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Visual Merchandising – Point Of Sale, Quality and Price key!

Our client’s incumbent supplier was a smaller player in the Retail VM marketplace. Whilst providing an acceptable level of service it was felt that our client had outgrown the business.

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