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Procurement services

Procurement services

At Ebit Business Solutions we work with our clients to identify and deliver significant procurement services that deliver significant financial and procedural benefits.

We work alongside our clients on a long term partnerial basis, utilising a unique mix of procurement consulting, advice, specific industry experience and innovative technology solutions, to help deliver significant ongoing financial savings and a clear improvement in procurement capability.

We are known for our talented procurement consulting techniques and in-depth knowledge of the procurement industry services, from strategic insight to tactical execution, for both direct and indirect procurement services.

Our Diversity

Ebit’s procurement services save you money in multiple and creative ways:

Traditional Procurement

The list of categories below is not exhaustive but are areas where Ebit has specific experience and has saved substantial sums for clients

Marketing – Agency Agreements, Photography, POS, VM, Creative

IT – Hardware, Software, Telephony, Support Agreements

E-Commerce – Affiliates, Software, Support, Home Delivery (UK & International), SEO, PPC

Logistics – 3PL, Transport, Store Deliveries, Packaging, Home Deliveries, Waste, Freight Inbound/Outbound, Recycling solutions

Retail – Cash Collections, Packaging, Security, Uniforms, POS, Store Music, Waste, Utilities and Maintenance.

Finance – Bank Charges, Cash Collections, Payment Terms, Working Capital, Leases

Product – Cost to Margin Improvements – Hangers, Tags, Labels

Revenue Generation

The team at Ebit have significant experience in delivering new revenue streams over and above core product sales – worth £millions

Customer Gift Cards, E-Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers

Corporate Gift Cards, E-Gift Cards, Gift Vouchers

Multi-Retail Gift Cards & Vouchers

Bag For Life

Advertising Revenues – Store

and E-Commerce Related e.g. Fitting Room Advertising

Supplier Rebates


Staff Vending

Strategic Alliances

Ebit has formed strategic alliances with a number of class leading partners to offer additional value opportunities

Energy – Introduction of an electricity buying group providing the ability to buy under a flexible contract with the benefit of saving at least 20 – 25% on management & pass through charges

Profit Recovery – Historical bill validation for all utility invoices (water, gas and electric) – 6 years retrospectively

Freight Audit – Historic bill validation for all freight and duty rates/commodity codes

Print Audits – End to end analysis of actual print costs for HO, Stores and DC’s

Home Delivery – Strategic analysis of delivery costs and opportunities covering GB, Europe, US, Australasia & ROW